Welcome to the Download-Service!

Thank you very much for booking me as a speaker for your event. I am pleased that we have the opportunity to work together.

Here you will find a selection of materials to help you prepare for your event. This includes

  • Performance music
  • Texts for the introduction
  • Press photos and press releases
  • Stage instructions / technical rider

If you have any questions or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to our further cooperation and wish us a successful event!

With kind regards

Andreas Gebhardt


As part of my presentations, I use music to create unique show moments, enhance atmosphere, and emphasize messages.

What does this download include?

  1. Individual Music Tracks: You will find the individual music tracks that you can play using your own music player. This gives you full control over the music and allows you to use your preferred technical setup.
  2. PowerPoint Version: Alternatively, there is a PowerPoint version available. In this presentation each music track is linked to a specific slide. When you click to the next slide, the corresponding music track will play automatically. This option is particularly useful if you want to seamlessly integrate the music into your presentation.
  3. Cue List: This provides information on when each music track should be played.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, I will also bring all the music tracks to the event itself. They will be available on a computer and a USB drive.


I do not use slides in my lectures. The content is visualised with juggling balls. However, if you have one or more screens in the background, I provide you with a dark and a light PowerPoint slide here that can be shown during my performance. We will then use the one that fits better.


Below you will find press releases that you can use for internal or external announcements. Please make sure you know which lecture you have booked. And make sure you download the appropriate materials to announce the lecture you have booked.

What would I be without mistakes”/ “Error culture” lecture

Here you can find pre-written texts for the speaker and lecture “What would I be without mistakes”. These texts serve as inspiration. Feel free to adapt them further.

Holding on is no solution/ Courage to change

Here you will find pre-formulated texts about the person and the lecture “Holding on is not a solution”. Feel free to further adapt these texts to tailor them exactly to your event.

Please ensure that you download the correct texts to ensure a clear and concise announcement of your booked talk. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Press Pics

To Download the Pictures use the button located below the pictures.


Suggestions to introduce the lecture

Nothing is worse than boredom. Therefore, I prefer a short and concise introduction. Most information is unnecessary or is then revealed during the talk.

Here are two suggestions you can use to announce the talk:

Short introduction:

The following speaker faces very similar challenges to ours. However, he is not from the same field and comes from a completely different industry and has his own perspective on things. We are curious to see how he sees the things we juggle in our everyday lives. Just let us surprise you. Here for you is the juggler and speaker Andreas Gebhardt.

Anmoderation for individual elaboration:

Dear guests, today we have the great pleasure of having a very special expert here with us. He has gained years of experience in an industry that is completely different from our business. His unique perspective and in-depth knowledge have made him a sought-after speaker and consultant. Because he is a juggler.

The reason we invited him today is because …

Please welcome with a warm round of applause our speaker today: Andreas Gebhardt

Please use these suggestions as a starting point and adapt them accordingly to your individual needs. We are sure that you will find the perfect announcement for the talk.



The aim is for all participants to be able to see and hear what is happening at the front.


A raised stage is desirable. However, if the event takes place in seminar rooms, it is also possible without a raised stage. What is needed, however, is an open space 3 m deep and 4 m wide. A height of 3.5 m is sufficient.

Light and sound

For groups of 50 or more participants, I prefer to speak with a headset microphone. Please note that a handheld microphone is NOT “portable” for me. It needs a functioning sound system with good sound quality.

At the end of the lecture, there is a juggling performance. This requires lighting and sound equipment, which should depend on the size of the room and the number of participants. For large stages, appropriate equipment is desirable. If the event is for a smaller group or in a seminar room, more minimal equipment may suffice. It is best to talk to each other to find the best solution.

I usually also bring two floo spots to the event. For this I need a power connection near the stage.

Technical rehearsal

A technical rehearsal should take place before the event to rule out any technical difficulties. This is best done during a break or before the participants enter the event hall. During this time we test the sound, lighting and microphones. Please let me know when the rehearsal can take place.

Dial-in for virtual events

In order to solve possible technical problems at short notice, I like to dial in 30 minutes before the participants. Most of the time it is unnecessary. But if something doesn’t work out, everyone is grateful that the event can still take place as planned.