I can’t do that! It will fail anyway! Often we hesitate or give up before we even started because our goals seem so difficult to reach. But how can we reach constant learning? Embrace necessary change? How can we keep trying new things despite uncertainty?

Markets, customers, competition, and technologies – everything is in constant change. Trying to hold on the established situation and refusing change will lead you to the edge of ruin. Andreas Gebhardt experienced exactly that in his own history. Now he presents his learnings in a captivating keynote speech, illustrated with impressive juggling. He shows that safety has to be established constantly new through learning and development and embracing change.

Everything begins with a first step. If you want to learn juggling, analysis and planning is not enough. You have to let go and dare. Everything consists of single steps and only those who dare to face insecurity and uncertainty will succeed.

In his keynote Andy Gebhardt uses the world of juggling as a metaphor. He encourages his audience to get things started – not despite the uncertainty, but rather to learn from it and to change it into certainty. What today is unknown and uncertain will be the safety, we build on tomorrow.

With juggler’s boxes in his hands, he creates catchy visual worlds, invites his audience to laugh and be amazed. He encourages to get their things started, to learn and discover new things. Just have a look what his customers say about his speeches.

The talk creates a consciousness for the necessity of change and awakes the desire to look curious into the future.


  • Everything is in constant change. Trying to hold on established routines and refusing change will lead you to the edge of ruin.
  • Certainty has to be renewed constantly through getting to know the unknown and by looking curious into the future
  • Security comes from overcoming uncertainty. What is risky today will be the safety, we can build on tomorrow.
  • We are all different. Successful change is only possible if we move together forward in mutual respect.
  • Everything consists of small steps: whether changes, achievements or obstacles – everything is made of individual little decisions, events and actions. Success is the sum of single decisions.
  • Therefore, one should not be discouraged by the big challenge, but rather be encouraged the feasibility of the little steps.