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Sometimes you need the courage to do things without knowing how they turn out. That not everything works is completely normal and should be all right. An error often teaches more than 1000 confirmations.

Andreas Gebhardt was born in 1972 in Karlsruhe. After high school he joined the national school for circus arts in Berlin and then worked worldwide as a juggler and entertainer. He performed in variety shows and at festivals, at trade fairs and business events and on cruise ships.

He constantly developed his skills and performances. One of these performances was a satirical comedy show that mirrors the audience and their response to mistakes. Inspired by this performance, he was asked by a monk who hired him for a monasterial event with 400 nuns and monks, if he could also tell something serious about “valuing mistakes”. Hence, in the midst of a pure entertainment show, between tap dancing, comedy and juggling, a new vocation emerged.

Besides his work as a freelancer, he studied economics and tourism at university, started event management training and thereafter project and change management. While working as a consultant in companies he noticed that companies often face the same challenges as a juggler.

In his keynotes the exceptional speaker Andreas Gebhardt reveals his thoughts and ideas, experiences and tips. He encourages people to get started with new things and deal openly with errors. What is exceptional? He is not only talking, but also doing it! Gebhardt stands out because he visualizes his content with ball juggling and at the end of each keynote he showcases a juggling performance as a visual highlight that reinforces the content.

25 years of stage experience, being authentic and honest, interactive and entertaining make him one of the most requested speakers in German-speaking countries. Customers such as Allianz, BASF, Commerzbank, Daimler, ETH Zurich, Lufthansa, Telekom, Unilever, Visana, Vodafone, rely on his expertise and are getting inspired by him.


  • Nationally Certified Circus Artist on the national School for Ballet and Circus Arts in Berlin
  • Event and Cultur Management, distance learning at University Hagen
  • Cruise Industry Management (economics & tourism) B.A. at University for Applied Sciences Bremerhaven
  • Training “Managing and facilitating projects professionally – Process Competence in Projects” at Consensa in Hamburg


  • Worldwide as juggler & entertainer
  • Worldwide as speaker about error culture
  • Show booking & directing for variety shows
  • Freelancing Project Consultant at Consensa
  • Heldenrat – as honorary Consultant for social initiatives
  • Lecturer for project and event management at the University for Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven